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C. Miller and Associates, Inc.


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Coaching * Consulting * Leadership Assessment * Speaking & Workshops

Knowing how to affect change in a work culture can be an overwhelming challenge. Your work environment is unique, because the people who are a part of it are unique, and I will never pitch a canned program. You deserve better.

Let me help you by offering -

1. A review of the work environment, so the right choices are made for the greatest short- and long-term culture boost;

2. Targeted training and coaching - behaviors people can apply immediately; and

3. Support through feedback channels to prevent the team from sliding back into old habits.

The specialties to lead the change in your leadership and business culture include a certification in behavior DISC methods, a license to use the John C. Maxwell suite of products, and numerous communication and leadership courses customized for specific workplace challenges from diversity and inclusivity to productive conflict.