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Conservation Resource Alliance



About Us

Northern Michigan's unique combination of rivers, streams, forests, and wildlife attracts thousands of seasonal residents and over 500,000 visitors each year. Anyone who lives here, vacations here, or makes a living selling products and services here is inextricably part of our community. It is critical for our community to realize that the quality of the area's scenery and resources are not automatically preserved or enhanced. That is why the Conservation Resource Alliance exists.

Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA) is a private, not-for-profit corporation committed to ''sensible stewardship of the land.'' Established in 1968 as part of a nationwide network of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, the organization serves a 13-county area in northwest lower Michigan.

Staffed with wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, engineers and field technicians, CRA works with landowners to plan, locate funding options, cut through red tape, and implement programs to enhance the habitat value and beauty of the region.