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Northern Strategies 360



About Us

Northern Strategies 360 is a comprehensive government affairs consulting firm that offers its clients assistance in: Monitoring, Advocacy, Shaping and Compliance. Our clients are diverse and span sectors, markets and industries. They include agricultural producers, businesses, associations, non-profits, municipalities, NGOs, healthcare providers and institutions of higher education in addition to many others.

In short, we open doors and walk clients through, resulting in reduced time navigating government bureaucracies. In addition, through our team of affiliated consultants, we can offer clients a range of services including

Marketing/Public Relations/Grassroots Advocacy
Strategic planning/Strategic services
Lobbying/Direct Advocacy
Legal services.

Work. Play. Live. Northern Strategies 360 believes that to be a successful entrepreneur, business or organization leader, you have to be allowed to focus on what matters: your work and your life. Northern Strategies 360 gives you the stability and reassurance that your public policy, governmental and regulatory needs are not overlooked. This way, you can spend more time on what truly matters and leave the details to us.

As a organization or business adapts to new economic realities and a more competitive global environment, government policy is increasingly playing a defining role. We navigate the intersection of markets, governments, policy, politics and public opinions, advocating for business or organizational interests through policy, legislation and regulation, so that you and your organization can grow and prosper in Northern Michigan.

Every organization has a vested interest in legislation and regulation that affects their business and Northern Strategies 360 will make a critical difference in your success at navigating federal, state or local government.