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Northwest MI Community Action Agency

Northwest MI Community Action Agency


Social Service Agency

About Us

Incorporated in 1974, NMCAA is a 501(c) (3) private nonprofit dedicated to strengthening communities through helping low income individuals and families achieve greater economic security and independence by teaching individuals to help themselves and one another. The primary purpose is to provide them with the tools and skills they need to do better on their own, to not have to repeatedly turn to others for services; to gain assets and know how to manage those assets so they grow and become more productive over time which leads to better economic security.

Since 1974 NMCAA case managers have worked with clients on a one to one basis to provide services from one or more of 50 different Agency administered programs, like Meals on Wheels, Head Start, Veteran Supportive Services, Homeless Prevention, and Financial / budgetary counseling services, to name a few.

Annually, NMCAA provides an average of $20 Million of program services to over 10,000 low income individuals and families helping remove immediate barriers that threaten their ability to achieve economic security and providing tools that offer long-term solutions and educates them on how to personally maintain a path towards independence.

Program services Divisions include:

Child & Family Development - Head Start,
Food & Nutritional Services - Meals on Wheels,
Homeless Prevention,
Financial & Budgetary Counseling Services,
Utility Assistance & Home Rehabilitation, and
Veteran Services