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About Us

A Traverse City, Michigan business geared toward assisting those with chronic illness stay in their home or assisted-living facility.

This occurs by using the Chronic Care Model and Evidence-Based Medicine to monitor early symptoms of disease exacerbations. The focus is on educating patients on their chronic illness, preventing readmissions to hospitals with early treatment and intervention, and subsequently improving their quality of life.

The home visits can occur the same day, are proven to decrease funds spent by insurance companies, and also allow relief to the overburdened caregivers who transport patients to and from repeat ER visits or doctor offices. The patients are expected to keep a family physician to allow good care coordination and provide respect to the patient-provider relationship.

We also offer 24 hour calls for necessary symptom control, and a home-visiting licensed master of social work for grief, trauma, and loss counseling, as well as community linking, financial concerns, and caregiver support.


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Rep/Contact Info

Julie Anna Hartl-Kilcherman
Member/Nurse Practitioner