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Raven & Lotus LLC

Raven & Lotus LLC


Advertising/Marketing/PRCoaching Marketing

About Us

Raven & Lotus LLC takes a storytelling approach to Digital and Content Marketing. With this strategy, small businesses and nonprofits are able to create organic content that naturally connects with their ideal customer by creating content that shows the core values of the company and speaking to the specific needs of the customer first and foremost. To ensure this happens, Raven & Lotus offers Marketing and Business Operations Strategy Consultation to guide clients through identifying exactly who they are and how to best communicate that identity. R&L can also then manage the maintenance of the Content Marketing Strategy while also providing tailored virtual project management solutions to assist the organization as they do their work.

This storytelling approach thrives in deeply showcasing a brand's voice, strengths, unique fit, personality, and intellectual leadership. Content Marketing also increases the flow of Organic Traffic to the organization decreasing the cost of new conversions while increasing the quality of leads and community engagement. Additionally, the company provides Operational and Project Management infrastructure support.

This includes Business Plans, Project Management Toolkit Setup, e-commerce Strategy Guidance, and General Logistics Optimization as needs per a review process. The overall goal is to provide companies with all they need to accurately tell their stories to motivate the people in their spaces, have the logistical foundation to handle their operation, and the confidence through learning how to master these actions.