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Soils & Structures, Inc.

Soils & Structures, Inc.



About Us

Since 1974, We are proud to be a part of the growth here in Michigan, and we continue to look for opportunities to innovate and lead in the construction engineering industry.

Soils & Structures has a proven track record of customer satisfaction and success. We have worked on projects both big and small as well as everything in between.

Here in Northern Michigan we have provided professional services on countless successful projects by teaming with local architects, engineers, municipalities, construction companies, developers and many others on a variety of public and private endeavors.

We have been involved in all phases of the construction process beginning with geotechnical and structural design services as well as offering construction inspection services during and after construction. Our Northern Michigan team is ready to begin working with you on your next construction project. Please let us know how we can assist you at (800) 933-3959.