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The Wash Doctor

The Wash Doctor


Cleaning Services

About Us

The Preserving Value of a Wash is what we are all about. This includes not only the work we do but how we value our employees and serve our community.

Our services are so much more than pressure washing but Helping you maintain the value of your commercial or residential propert. We use the latest in soft washing systems, techniques, and solutions to not just wash but preserve the surface whether it be Vinyl, Wood, Concrete, or brick. If you have rust, oxidation, dirt, grease, mold, moss, algae, that is decreasing the value and curb appeal of your home or business no worries we've got you covered! ;) It's so important to trust the professionals like us to not just wash but preserve your home or business. The Wash Doctor is your premier soft and pressure washing service in Traverse City and Northern Michigan.

Our Services

Roof Wash (Black streaking caused by blue-green algae)
Moss Restoration (Proven 3 step process that restores your roof with no damage)
House/Building Washing (Clean that unsightly mold, dirt, moss, rust, and oxidation off of your siding, fascia, gutters, and soffit.)
Concrete Cleaning (Massively reduce oil stains and bring your concrete back to its original color)
Premium Deck Restoration (We do complete deck restoration including repair, washing, sanding/scraping, and stain application)
Let's talk about preserving the value of your property with a wash!