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True North Legal Group

True North Legal Group


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About Us

True North Legal Group is a community-centered law practice focused on serving the needs of the people of Northern Michigan. Our mission is clear – through world-class legal advocacy, we support and transform the lives of our clients, advance justice and fairness in the legal system, and work tirelessly to make Northern Michigan an even better place for all that call it home. Our work involves “practice areas” like most law firms – small business startup and development, nonprofit law, employment law, veterans legal assistance, criminal defense, and so on. But it’s how we do our work that distinguishes us from every other law firm in this community. If you want to work with a team that puts clients first but also focuses on community, values the relentless pursuit of what’s right, and offers consistent communication, a compassionate approach, and impeccable integrity, you’ll find them at True North Legal Group.


Our First Core Value: Client First, Community Focused
Our Second Core Value: Relentless Pursuit of What's Right
Our Third Core Value: Consistent Communication
Our Fourth Core Value: Compassionate Approach
Our Fifth Core Value: Impeccable Integrity