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Audacia Elixirs LLC

Audacia Elixirs LLC



About Us

Audacia Elixirs produces the world's only non-alcoholic spirit using only whole, organic ingredients, water and salt. Through the art of alchemy, Audacia has created a n/a spirit without sugar, flavorings, extracts or concentrates. Produced & bottled in Traverse City, Audacia is dedicated to Drinking Reimagined by creating an opportunity to enjoy flavor complex, delicious n/a cocktails that actually nourish the body, mind & spirit. In a gold rush of opportunity in a booming market, Audacia's founders Loghan & Naomi Call took three years to develop a high quality product designed to last. The completely original flavors were created to provide bars & restaurants with a truly flavor complex base on which to create an unlimited array of cocktails with or without alcohol.