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F5 Mortgage LLC

F5 Mortgage LLC



About Us

F5 is a top-rated mortgage brokerage headquartered in Traverse City, MI that helps clients to purchase and refinance. NMLS: 1938115

We are driving change that terrifies legacy financial institutions and brokers who rely on a veil of secrecy to earn profits.
Still today, lenders and brokers distribute biased information, intimidate borrowers, and push for quick decisions to dupe consumers into paying more than they should. These hard sales tactics are terrible for consumers and exist only to increase profits for financial institutions.

Our founder, Ryan McCallister, noticed this and wanted to change things. Having worked at 2 of the biggest mortgage companies in the country, he saw first-hand how business was being done at these places. One was a tech giant that had easy online tools to complete the mortgage. However, this process came at the cost of high-pressure sales tactics and higher than average rates. Often times pushing clients to make a decision right away without the chance to compare options. The other was a 150+ year old bank. Seemingly stuck in the 20th century, they had almost no technology to simplify the process, leading to unnecessary headaches and delays for the customer.

Thus, F5 Mortgage was born! Using the same industry-leading tech that some of the top lenders use, while also providing the personal, no pressure service that local banks provide. A perfect hybrid of the top lenders. We are here to refresh the mortgage process! Spend less. No stress.

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