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Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Antrim Bar Association

Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Antrim Bar Association


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About Us

Who We Are

The 150+ members of the Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Antrim Bar Association include judges, court staff, law firms, law offices, solo practitioners, and others in the legal profession throughout our tri-county region.

Our Mission

The Bar Association's mission is to maintain the highest professional standards and competence among attorneys, to promote collegiality and camaraderie among attorneys, to improve the administration of justice, and to provide law-related service and education to our members and the public.

Our Purpose

To promote the effective and efficient administration of justice.

To encourage and promote the continued legal education of members and the general public.

To promote public awareness of the role that members of the legal profession play in the judicial system of a democratic society and the ability of the legal profession and the judicial system to protect the rights and interests of, and dispense justice to, the general public.

To cooperate with the State Bar of Michigan in promoting the ethical practice of law in accordance with the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct.

To honor the dignity of the legal profession and judicial system.

To encourage the delivery of legal services free of charge or at low cost to those members of the general public who cannot afford to pay the normal fee.

To establish, assist, promote, or cooperate with such other charitable or civil organizations as are or will be engaged in activities associated with, or complementary to, the functioning of the judicial system.