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Great Lakes Center for Estate Planning PLC

Great Lakes Center for Estate Planning PLC


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About Us

We are a boutique law firm founded by a Traverse City native and former Executive Attorney for General Motors. Our mission is to serve the community through a law practice that specializes in foundational planning for both business and families.

We possess a developed blend of leadership, legal expertise, and strategic thinking that can be instrumental in helping entrepreneurs navigate challenges and achieve their goals. We understand the need to balance legal considerations with business goals, and are well-versed in areas such as contract negotiation, intellectual property, compliance, and risk mitigation. We work closely with businesses providing strategic guidance, advising on legal matters, and facilitating growth opportunities.

Our calling to the practice of Estate Planning occurred with the death of our founder's son, a firefighter/paramedic who died of COVID-19. He died without an Estate Plan. This burdened his family with a legal proceeding called probate and robbed us of the needed opportunity to grieve in peace. As his mother, she experienced first-hand pain that burdened the people who he loved most.

These areas pf practice seem to be far apart, but the reality is that families own businesses, and every business should have a succession plan that will successfully support their family. Every family should have an estate plan that simplifies the details if the worst happens. I opened my practice with a focus on supporting families, and business owners to both succeed in business and leave their family with a plan that will work if the worst happens.


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