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Maureen Hallett, PhD


PsychologistsWoman Owned Business

About Us

Maureen Hallett is a clinical psychologist (PhD) who specializes in treating adults with PTSD, anxiety disorders, (GAD, agoraphobia, panic attacks, social anxiety, hoarding disorder, hair pulling or trichotillomania, and skin picking or exhortation disorder), substance use, chronic pain, and insomnia.

As a military spouse for 13 years and with 5 years working within the Veteran Affairs Health Care System, Maureen is experienced in working and treating military members, veterans, and their dependents. Additionally, her experiences with those from underserved populations (homelessness, LGBTQA, minorities, and others who experience barriers to care) have contributed to her passion of advocating for others with any mental health condition or diagnoses. Maureen categorizes herself as a generalist to treat most mental health concerns and with specialized training in the aforementioned subcategories.