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Shaw Investment Company

Shaw Investment Company


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About Us

Family Operated Commercial Real Estate in Traverse City - Serving the Grand Traverse Community for Over 50 Years

Shaw Investment Company started with Paul G. Shaw, a WWII vet from Missouri. Paul purchased a cherry farm and moved his wife Mary and his two sons, John and Robert to a farm house in Yuba, Michigan. The cherry farm became the family business until 1998 when it was sold and a majority of the land including a vibrant wetlands ecosystem was donated to The Nature Conservancy in Yuba.

The Campus Plaza property was purchased in 1965 to facilitate a Krogers lease, a Rexsol Drugs and a gas station. The gas station has since closed in the early 80’s and the property was subject to an intense environmental cleanup as part of a statewide environmental initiative. Since then Campus Plaza has become a vibrant community of small businesses in a prime Traverse City location.