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Transformation Coaching


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About Us

Transformation Coaching is a Training and Coaching company that is focused on empowering individuals to change organizations from the inside out. Using the latest models and understandings of Neuroscience, Biology and other areas of scientific study, Transformation Coaching helps individuals, teams and organizations develop inner resilience against external stressors. Resilience is when an individual, team or organization has mastered the skills of Adaptability and Composure in the face of a stressor. When we understand the science behind adaptability and composure, the how is easier.

Transformation Coaching offers Workshops both for teams and organizations and as open enrollments for individuals. Transformation Coaching also offers one to one coaching programs and Retreats for a more immersive and personalized experience.

Transformation Coaching is interested in being an active partner in the creation of a more resilient community by meeting the challenge of resilience at the level it is often avoided, at the individual level. Resilient individuals create resilient teams, resilient teams create resilient organizations and resilient organizations create resilient communities.


Presenting at the Manufacturing Summit 2023
Presenting at the TAHRA lunch 2021
Workshop at the Park Place Hotel
Workshop at a local company
Retreat held at Nature - A Michigan Retreat 2023