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Vision Consulting

Vision Consulting



About Us

At Vision Consulting, we help businesses identify and communicate their values and vision to create velocity to exponentially grow their business. Jon started Vision Consulting in 2022 after leaving the cleaning company he ran for 4 years. While there, he helped grow the business from $200k to $1.2 million in annual revenue. When he left it in the capable hands of the team and Dennis (the owner), it was set up for success! Jon had worked with Dennis to identify and communicate the Values and Vision of his company throughout northern Michigan. Part of this was also helping to set up a give back program that benefited women and children throughout the local area.

Now Jon brings his expertise at building business, coaching owners and executives, and ability to identify and communicate Values and Vision to you!

Reach out today to schedule your $1 Initial Consultation and see how Vision Consulting can help you grow your business and exceed your goals!


  • Business Coaching
  • Vision Setting
  • Business Growth
  • Individual Coaching


Initial Consultation just $1